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Blach&White in The Pholarchos


In the Pholarchos the original Trails (or “Paths opened by the Knights”) are in color. The black and white effect is a visual cue that switches us to a dimension that is not conditioned by our senses—we enter a liminal place with a trusted guide that assists navigation and can reach into the furthest spheres of potential bubbling in the Aces before color (symbolically) shapes a specific story in space-time reality. It may entail utterly new areas that we are encountering, soul recovery, ancestral communications, conversations with the departed, experience that has been out of reach—big journeys or big dreams. Knights as soul guides. I have since heard the idea that some people dream in black and white but this has never been my experience nor was it my intention to link this idea of b&w dreaming to the trails or aces. Dreams and other states often burst with color—this was simply an experiential and stylistic reminder of a gear change, like b&w photos that often heighten images.


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