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Dreams and the Liminal Spread


 We could see the cards as a landing platform between realms or as a mediator that is close to both sides. Below is a diagram of the Liminal Spread. It functions as a container for dream work, a medial vessel of discernment. As the moon waxes, wanes and keeps the rhythms of our lives, we receive the dreaming in cycles that unfold a bigger picture over time.    





1+2) The heart of the matter (these two cards are always seen as a pair—how do they relate?)


3) A core theme of the dream.


4) Present card advice and reflections (even if it is an older dream).


5) What recent events (inner and outer) might have triggered the dream?


6) Life root. A fulcrum that is involved in the dream and central to the person’s life.


7-9) Optional extra picks on specific central images (not shown above).  



The positions are a flexible orientation, not a rigid rule. We are making a container which requires some shape to help gain insight rather than trap it like a fly. The structure flows with the intuitive process involved. One card may speak louder than the rest and become the focus of the reading. A colour or object might be prominent and make a repeated pattern through the cards. If seekers want to work with their dreams but find it too daunting, this can be an ally in the search for patterns and potentials that arise for us each night. The cards here work as a synchronistic cross-referencing system. When looking at them it is important not to replace the dream images with the card ones, though they may be pointing to the same substance—the cards are helpers and never replace the dream itself. Furthermore, there is no need to study each card thoroughly and get thoroughly confused! We want to notice where the charge is, what is alive now and how it relates to the dream.  


I encourage people to journal the cards and spend time with them in order to reactivate the imaginal. Dreams remain our most potent contact with the unconscious and despite the challenges they pose, these nightly travels are an extraordinary bridge to a wider, teleological  reality.  

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