The Pholarchos Tarot Book


Dreams and the Liminal Spread

 We could see the cards as a landing platform between realms or as a mediator that is close to both sides. Below is a diagram of the Liminal Spread. It functions as a container for dream work, a medial vessel of discernment. As the moon waxes, wanes and keeps the rhythms of our lives, we receive the dreaming in cycles that unfold a bigger picture over time.       &... continua »

Blach&White in The Pholarchos

In the Pholarchos the original Trails (or “Paths opened by the Knights”) are in color. The black and white effect is a visual cue that switches us to a dimension that is not conditioned by our senses—we enter a liminal place with a trusted guide that assists navigation and can reach into the furthest spheres of potential bubbling in the Aces before color (symbolically) ... continua »

Dreams&Tarot Workshops 2020

  We have a new tarot and dreams workshop on february 2nd! Come take a plunge with us in deep ocean water...    For details and bookings:   https://www.ouassimagik.com/product-page/dreamwork-with-the-tarot-by-carmen-sorrenti?lang=en&fbclid=IwAR3VNEzdkMdCfLeiWK4ArX-zdGRO6_15DD0M6gGF9CUhHNW99WViV9AChfE

The Pholarchos, an introduction

     Presenting the Pholarchos Tarot at IASD in Scottsdale, 2018 My hometown, Positano, nestles high on a mountainous coast that is dear to old myths. Greek colonies settled along this stretch of land and not far south was a place called Velia where the philosopher Parmenides lived in the 5th century BC.  Evidence has been found of him being one of the mysterious Pholarchos... continua »


http://thecartomancer.com/the-cartomancer-winter-2018-vol-4-issue-4/  Also visible here: http://www.arnellart.com/carmen-interview-dw.htm?fbclid=IwAR18bTLsignxSbVIMFBvNCA0E-K0UNWLqbAtfdocJK5ralThL3GQdLsuTbQ  
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